Why ClearCorrect® Is the Best Treatment for Straighter Teeth

Having a healthy-looking smile with beautiful, straight teeth can dramatically improve your appearance as well as your self-confidence. However, having your teeth straightened isn’t just about cosmetics (although that’s certainly an important benefit). It’s also about improving your oral health, both now and in the future. Straight teeth are easier to care for, making it easier to brush and floss around those areas that can develop cavities and gum disease. Plus, straight teeth don’t cause bite-related issues that can occur with crowding and poor alignment.

While attaining straighter teeth used to mean spending years wearing metal or ceramic braces, today there’s a better treatment option: ClearCorrect®. With ClearCorrect® , you can feel more confident during treatment and get amazing results (and often, in less time than traditional braces). ClearCorrect® is one of the most popular types of clear braces, and has been helping patients correct an array of spacing and alignment issues for years.

When it comes to clear braces, Invisalign® is arguably the more recognizable brand name. But just because it may be better known, doesn’t automatically make it the best choice for having your teeth straightened. Here’s how ClearCorrect® compares to both Invisalign® and traditional metal and ceramic braces — and why it’s clearly the best choice.

How ClearCorrect® works

ClearCorrect® uses a series of clear plastic aligners that are molded to the shape of your teeth. During treatment, you’ll use anywhere from 18 to 30 sets of aligners. Each set is worn for approximately two weeks until it’s exchanged for the next aligner in the series. Each aligner has a slightly different shape to help keep your teeth moving toward alignment, throughout the treatment period.

During your first treatment visit, Dr. Darj will take impressions (molds) of your teeth, along with photos and X-rays. All this information is sent to a dental lab that specializes in making the ClearCorrect® aligners. The lab uses special design and manufacturing software to create your aligners with precision and accuracy, so they’re truly made just for you and your treatment goals. Once you receive your aligners, you’ll visit the office every six weeks or so to have your progress monitored and to ensure your treatment is on track.

Benefits of ClearCorrect®

One of the biggest benefits of ClearCorrect® is in its name — clear. Each aligner is made of clear plastic, so they’re almost invisible while you’re wearing them. Not only do you avoid the metal and ceramic of traditional braces, but your aligners and your treatment can remain very discreet, thanks to the clear design.

ClearCorrect® aligners are also easily removable. While they fit snugly to the contours of your teeth, you can still easily slip them on and off for meals and oral hygiene. That means you won’t have to worry about dietary restrictions associated with traditional braces, and it’s also a lot easier to brush and floss than it is when you have a mouthful of wires and brackets. The key is to wear the aligners at all other times, even while you’re sleeping. In fact, you’ll wear them for 22 hours a day to ensure your treatment stays on track.

And that brings us to the third benefit: Comfort. ClearCorrect® aligners aren’t just clear — they’re also completely smooth, with no sharp edges or wires to catch on your lips or cause irritation. The comfortable custom fit may also help you complete treatment faster than you could with traditional braces, so you can start enjoying straighter teeth and a more beautiful smile in less time than you thought.

Because ClearCorrect® uses aligners you can exchange yourself, you can avoid those once-a-month (or more frequent) office visits associated with traditional braces, as well as the painful tightenings and adjustments that go hand-in-hand with metal and ceramic braces. With ClearCorrect®, tooth movement is gradual and continual, so treatment is a lot more comfortable too.

Finally, ClearCorrect® tends to be less costly than Invisalign® clear aligners, simply because the company offers their aligners at a lower cost to your dentist. That means it's more affordable than ever to get the smile you want without the need for traditional metal or ceramic braces.

Is ClearCorrect® right for you?

ClearCorrect® can be a great option for just about anyone who wants to enjoy all the benefits of having straighter teeth, a better bite, and a more beautiful smile. To find out more about ClearCorrect® treatment at Dr. Darj Dental, book an appointment online today.

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