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Urgent Care Specialist

Dr. Darj Dental

Mehrnoosh Darj, DDS

General Dentist located in El Paso, TX

Have you suffered a dental emergency on the playing field or in an accident at home? At Dr. Darj Dental in El Paso, Texas, Mehrnoosh Darj, DDS, and the team provide high-quality urgent care for any situation. The friendly staff goes the extra mile to get you in as fast as possible to relieve your pain. Whether it’s a bad crack, a fracture, or a devastating toothache, you can get the timely help you need by calling, coming in, or using the online booking tool.

Urgent Care Q & A

What situations call for urgent care?

Sometimes it can be hard to know what is and what isn’t a dental emergency that calls for urgent care. At Dr. Darj Dental, Dr. Darj and her team are always there to help. Some of the most common dental emergencies you may face are:

  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Having a tooth get knocked out
  • Getting foreign objects stuck in your teeth
  • A bad toothache

That doesn’t mean every minor pain or ache is a critical emergency, but if you’re in severe pain, lost a tooth, or one of your teeth is severely damaged, you should probably seek urgent care.

What should I do before I can come in for urgent care?

Here’s a collection of tips compiled by Dr. Darj Dental that can help you care for common dental emergencies before you’re able to come in for your urgent care appointment:

Cracked or chipped tooth

If you crack or chip a tooth, rinse your mouth out as quickly as possible, preferably with warm water. You need to thoroughly clean the affected area after trauma or injury. Also, you can use cold compresses to bring the swelling down and for pain relief.

Knocked out tooth

If one of your teeth gets knocked out, the most important thing to remember is that you need to keep it moist. First, try to put it back in the socket and try to avoid touching the root. However, if you’re unable to place it back in the socket, keep it between your gum and your cheek in water or milk until you can come in for urgent care.

Objects stuck in your teeth

If you or your child get something stuck in your teeth, don’t use other sharp objects to pry them out. Instead, just gently floss to try and remove the object that’s caught in between your teeth.

Bad toothache

Severe toothaches can be extremely debilitating. Remain calm and rinse your mouth with warm water to clean the affected area. Then, try to gently floss and see if there’s any food caught that needs to be removed.

How quickly can I get in for urgent care?

When you’ve had a dental emergency, it’s important that you call the office as quickly as possible and tell the staff about your situation. The time between your emergency and your urgent care appointment can determine whether or not your tooth is lost or saved.

The team at Dr. Darj Dental allows time in the daily schedule to account for any necessary same-day appointments. If you experience a dental emergency, the staff does everything possible to get you seen in a timely manner. Before you come in, the staff can also walk you through how to care for your problem at home until you’re able to get an appointment.

If you have a dental emergency that calls for urgent care, call the office immediately, come in, or make an appointment online.