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Stop Doing These Things If You Want Whiter Teeth

Stop Doing These Things If You Want Whiter Teeth

Everyone wants a brighter, whiter smile, but it can be difficult to achieve if you're doing counterproductive things that sabotage this dream. If you want whiter teeth or want to maintain the results of your professional teeth whitening, there are several things you should stop doing. 

Here, Mehrnoosh Darj, DDS, shares some of the most common things that can stain your teeth and what you should do to prevent the staining that dulls your smile.

Stop smoking or using tobacco products

Smoking can lead to severe discoloration. Nicotine and tar are the primary culprits behind dull-looking teeth in smokers. 

The enamel, which is the outer layer of your teeth, contains minuscule pores that allow the nicotine and tar to penetrate, resulting in unsightly stains. Tar imparts a brownish hue to teeth, while nicotine, upon reacting with oxygen, produces a yellowish tint.

Tobacco use is also linked to gum disease and oral cancer. If you currently smoke and are considering smoking cessation, talk to Dr. Darj or check out the Texas Quitline for free resources. Quitting smoking can help you avoid teeth staining, but, most importantly, it positively affects your oral and overall health.

Stop sipping coffee, tea, and red wine

These beverages are notorious for staining teeth, and the stains can be difficult to remove. To minimize stains, try drinking tea or iced coffee through a straw to minimize the dark liquid’s contact with your teeth. 

Additionally, drink your coffee or tea in one sitting rather than sipping all day. This also helps reduce contact between the drink and your enamel. Rinse your mouth after drinking coffee, tea, or red wine.

Ditch the soda

The low pH levels in soda and other carbonated drinks weaken your enamel, and their dark compounds cause staining on your teeth's surfaces, leading to brown or yellow discoloration. The combination of acid mixtures and dyes breaks down your tooth's enamel.

Don’t skip your daily oral care routine

Brushing and flossing are essential for maintaining good oral hygiene and preventing tooth discoloration. Make sure you brush twice a day and floss at least once a day to remove food particles and plaque.

Avoid over-the-counter teeth whitening products

While it may be tempting to try over-the-counter teeth whitening products, they can be damaging to your teeth and gums. These products can cause tooth sensitivity, gum irritation, and even tooth decay. 

When we whiten your teeth in our office, Dr. Darj applies a post-treatment gel to reduce any sensitivity you might have after the whitening δΈ€ something that’s not available with OTC remedies.

Be cautious with DIY teeth whitening remedies

There’s a home remedy out there for almost everything, including brightening your teeth, but not all of them are safe or effective. Be careful when using natural remedies like baking soda or lemon juice, as they can be abrasive and damage your enamel.

Want to add more sparkle to your smile?

By avoiding these common mistakes and following good oral hygiene habits, you can achieve a brighter, whiter smile, but you sometimes need a little extra help. That’s where professional cleanings and teeth whitening treatments at Dr. Darj Dental in El Paso, Texas, come into the picture.

Regular dental checkups are crucial for maintaining good oral health and preventing tooth discoloration. Not only do teeth cleanings help remove yellowish plaque and surface stains, but Dr. Darj also offers professional teeth whitening treatments. Our in-office whitening treatments can brighten your smile by up to eight shades!

Get — and keep — the smile of your dreams. Call 915-213-4097 or book an appointment online anytime.

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