5 Reasons Behind Veneers' Popularity

5 Reasons Behind Veneers' Popularity

Veneers were originally created for actors to have a dazzling smile, but they continue to grow in popularity both on the red carpet and off 一 and they’re available at Dr. Darj Dental in El Paso, Texas. Here, Mehrnoosh Darj, DDS, highlights five reasons behind veneers’ growing popularity.

1. Veneers can correct multiple issues at once

Veneers are thin porcelain shells that cover your natural tooth enamel. They’re a custom solution that corrects a multitude of imperfections including chips, fractures, staining, minor gaps, and misshapen teeth. This is a huge advantage as you don’t have to combine multiple services to achieve your cosmetic goals 一 veneers can do it all!

2. Veneers look and feel like your natural teeth

Porcelain mimics the natural translucence of tooth enamel, making it the perfect material to blend in flawlessly. Whether you get one veneer or several, your smile looks natural and beautiful, and no one will know you have veneers unless you tell them.

Not only do they look real, but your new veneers also feel like natural teeth. This means you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for beauty.

3. Veneers give you a bright smile

If you’re disappointed with stubborn stains from food or drinks giving you a dull smile, you might consider veneers. Because the veneers completely cover the front of your teeth, they simply eliminate stubborn enamel stains 一 even those that don’t respond to whitening treatments. Porcelain veneers provide enhanced stain resistance to keep your smile dazzling even longer.

Having a smile you’re proud of doesn’t just provide cosmetic benefits. When you love your smile, you’re more likely to smile. Smiling has been linked to a stronger immune system, reduced cortisol, and lower blood pressure.

4. Veneers are strong and durable

As the word “veneer” suggests, these tooth coverings are thin, but that doesn’t mean veneers are weak. Thanks to the composition of porcelain veneers, the added layer helps make your teeth resistant to chips and cracks. It’s still important to take care of your veneers and avoid chewing on non-food items or using your teeth as tools, however.

5. Veneers are permanent and long-lasting 

Veneers aren’t a short-lived cosmetic solution that fade after a few months. Veneers can last for up to 15 years before you need to replace them. Some studies have found that veneers can even last about decades with proper care and maintenance. 

While veneers don’t require any special attention 一 simply continue to brush your teeth twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and an ADA-approved toothpaste 一 you should still continue with your regular dental care routine and cleanings with Dr. Darj.  

What’s the veneer process?

In addition to these five benefits, the veneer process is straightforward. We start with a consultation to discuss your aesthetic goals and to ensure that veneers are right for you. For example, if gaps in your teeth are too big to hide well with veneers, Dr. Darj may suggest ClearCorrect® orthodontic treatment.

Once we’ve determined that veneers are right for you, we prep your teeth. This involves removing a tiny bit of enamel to provide space for your veneers to fit snugly and in line with the rest of your teeth. We then take impressions of your teeth so they’re created to fit perfectly, and we place temporary veneers on your teeth until your permanent ones are ready.

Each set of veneers is custom-made. Once they’re ready, you return for your final appointment so we can permanently bond the veneers to your teeth. That’s it! 

Not happy with your smile? Book an appointment online today to schedule a veneer consultation. You can also reach us at our office at 915-213-4097.

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